A love letter…

Moips kaikille, seuraava teksti tulee Englanniksi, paljon on pakkaamista ja äidinkieli tosiaan enkku,niin nopeampaa minulle heittää teille tekstiä tähän nyt näin, kun pohtia miten saan kaiken ulos mitä haluan sanoa teille sen suomeksi kiireisesti! Toiv ei haittaa kauheesti! XOX

I want to thank you my readers for opening your world to me. As most of you might know, I’m new to the blogging world. I didn’t even own a camera when I started, I totally borrowed people’s cameras and shot Look Of The Days for you guys, and Im not actually that confident in writing in Finnish but I try my best. This was my 1st summer in Finland under the title “blogger”. I’ve found a new outlet in which to express myself alongside with my music and now I have no idea how I would live without it. Its amazing the support I’ve received from you guys and I try to answer back as much as possible. THANK you for taking the time to read and sending me your comments and thoughts! You guys inspire me beyond belief. The other night I went to see Lady Gaga and a bunch of you came up to me saying that you read the blog, that truly warmed my heart! So I’ll borrow some words from her that struck me hard “you have the biggest potential to make all of your dreams come true”. My blog is about not taking no for an answer and doing what makes you happy even when its hard. So go out there, keep going, ALWAYS, and If you need me I’m right here ❤ XOX



Leaving behind a piece of NYC for you


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