shoesz                                              A crack head once told that “those shoes are going to change your fucking life”, they were a pair of sequin thigh-high go-go boots, I spent my food money on them and since then, I have not only made count-less friends because of them but I’ve found myself in the most astonishing situations. So I passed THESE shoes at a shop window, and weighed what would mean more to me, in my life, in my career and in my future…..A weeks worth of meals? OR the immense possibilities of these incredible shoes, OBVI I chose the shoeeezzzz……..


One thought on “Shoezzzzzzz

  1. Ihanat kengät!:) onko sulla ja Saralla vielä se yhteinen blogi? Ette oo kirjoitellu pitkään aikaan:( ja tiedätkö onko saralla oma blogi?:)

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