Sit Pretty

I’ve been laughing so0 hard that it hurts,  floating in an air of inspiration. Last night I found myself at one of those random Soho artist loft house parties. I have walked past this loft a few times, and remember looking upstairs sometimes seeing these parties go on and think, I wish I could go.. The party really is more a metaphor , its not as much about the party as it is, what the party means. In my mind the party symbolized fun, but as I ended up standing in that very loft a few moments later, now pouring myself a glass of wine, I completely realized, that its never about “a party”… its a vibe, its energy, its a moment, and its already in you, you don’t have to wait to get invited to the party, you can just go… and you don’t have to wait for the right time to let your guard down and have fun, you can just laugh, RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.  Xxo




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