la première

 About a year ago, I produced and directed my 1st commercial for Finnish shoe company Kookenkä. Here we are now about to launch our next installation of commercials for their Fall/Winter Collections and I can’t believe after all the hard work, were here, were ready. My gratitude goes straight to my team, without them I’d be lost. I think this time, I learned so much more than last, I know that envelopes for pushed for this one, I hope you like it, feel free to share! XO

The Team, THANK YOU!  

  • Director/Producer- Alexandra Alexis
  • Assistant Director/ DOP- Steep Daniels
  • Production Manager- Khadijah Dellimore
  • Makeup- Elaine Lynskey
  • Hair- Jose Hamilton
  • Styling- Alexandra Alexis
  • PA- Kendell McNichols
  • PA- Mairi Morrison 
  • Editing- Alexandra Alexis and Steep Daniels
  • Music- Produced by Nicholas Wright, written by: Alexandra Alexis, Nicholas Wright, Johnathan Celestin
  • Heidi Tammiruusu Our models: Sara, Scott, Ronya, Tuomas 



3 thoughts on “la première

  1. Bravo!!!!
    Alexandra, perseverance and hard work has paid off!! This is awesome!
    Just think, there is so much more success ahead


    ps I see you are enjoying the country also

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