I <3 Koo

Hey kids! Summer is over, fall is here, and the 3rd installment of the Kookenkä commercials that I directed and produced(and styled) is here. I want to thank my incredible team, the support, the dedication, the work ethic, my goodness, you know who you are! But for those who don’t, you can check full info below aswell as the video! Xxo

  • Director/Producer- Alexandra Alexis
  • Assistant Director/ DOP- Steep Daniels
  • Production Manager- Khadijah Dellimore
  • Makeup- Elaine Lynskey
  • Hair- Jose Hamilton
  • Styling- Alexandra Alexis
  • PA- Kendell McNichols
  • PA- Mairi Morrison 
  • Editing- Alexandra Alexis and Steep Daniels
  • Music- Produced by Nicholas Wright, written by: Alexandra Alexis, Nicholas Wright, Johnathan Celestin
  • Heidi Tammiruusu 

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