Who is AlexAlex

A haunting echo in the forest. A synesthetic encounter with the Northern Lights…this companionship with nature started AlexAlex on a journey towards the cosmic coordinates of her soul, a trek channeled through untamed artistry.

The Finnish-American ElectroPop artist coalesces the influences of street art, fashion, and her own life experience into a smorgasbord of sound that advocates universal oneness.

A world traveler (living in New York and Finland), AlexAlex was non-conformist at a young age, where her boredom with the modern education system led her out of elementary classrooms and into the class of life. Her free-spirited parents would often pull her out of class to sojourn Europe and Asia, nourishing her soul with visuals and experiences that now bleed out onto a critically acclaimed canvas of music.

After spending her teenage years traveling and honing her craft, AlexAlex moved back to New York City where a circle of homeless street artists became her family. She found herself on the bustling streets of New York, where a homeless friend affectionately gave Alexandra Alexis the name tied to the single “New York (Im Yours)”, which doubled as the theme song to her Finnish docu-reality program.

During the time period of her show, she gained a reputation in Finland for indelible performance artistry, exemplified by wearing a bubble wrap dress to the Elle Style awards. The wardrobe drew criticism, but as she explained “it (represented) the fickleness of the fashion and music world, no matter how many people appreciate what you do, there will be people trying to ‘burst your bubbles’.”

AlexAlex also lent her fighter’s spirit to having the Conan O’Brien show picked up after an initial cancellation by Finnish television. Thousands came to support her as she took a stand, brought her beliefs to fruition, and had the show re-instituted throughout the country.

After starring in the show, AlexAlex decided to take a break from music and pursue the innards of her soul. She’s restructured her sound and is preparing a musical reintroduction, with a newly aware aesthetic prepared to expand the boundaries of pop music. 

AlexAlex is currently putting extensive time into her debut album, her first official will and testament to the world. The lives of street artists, bohemians and persevering homeless hearts have been absorbed by a woman fully poised to tell their story and correlate it to the vitality of the universe.

 The unnamed project is still in development, as is her upcoming documentary, but rest assured it stands on the following tao:

 I feel that it is my duty to stand up for artist rights, art is for everyone and is all around us, it is not limited to the walls of museums and galleries, it must be recognized outside of traditional structures, we must have an art revolution. 
Written by: Andre G

Give me a shout about what tickles your fancy : alexalexgirl@gmail.com


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