Pigs and giggles..

Our unlucky guest of the evening…

Eilen olin Trade Trackerin järjestämässä tapahtumassa bloggareille. Se tapahtuma ylitti kaikki odotukseni, kuten jätti grillattu kokonainen possu joka tuotiin ulos toisen kattauksen aikana. Oli niin huippua tutustua toisiin bloggareihin, girls you were great!  Illan kruunasi upea goodybag täynnä mitä ihaniimpia tuotteita!

Last night I was at a bloggers event put on by TradeTracker. It totally surpassed all my expectations, including the giant grilled pig they brought out during the 2nd course of food! Truly incredible to get to know my fellow bloggers, girls you were great! The evening was topped off with the smashing goodie bags we got at the end of the event!

Kia, me, Lenore


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