Lets Go!

I’ve been traveling up a storm, I’ve been spending some time in Helsinki and Poland, discovering, being, creating. I’m getting prepped to shoot a new series of commercials for Kookenkä which I’m super excited about! I leave for NYC in the next few days, followed by a quick stop through in Chicago, more on that […]

I <3 Koo

Hey kids! Summer is over, fall is here, and the 3rd installment of the Kookenkä commercials that I directed and produced(and styled) is here. I want to thank my incredible team, the support, the dedication, the work ethic, my goodness, you know who you are! But for those who don’t, you can check full info […]

Helsinki Fashion Weekend

Hmmmm….I’m living in a bubble of make-believe and everything is so falling into place. Yes I couldn’t be more vague, anyway until I’m ready to emerge from this dream and give you a proper update, I’ll leave you with this, An interview clip from the Helsinki Fashion Weekend event a week ago. Thank you Cristal […]

Dreams and take-offs

Its 2am, Im not tired, I stayed in tonight so that I wouldn’t fly tired, but there is too much excitement in the air. What do you do when you notice your life has changed, and that all these little wishes you made slowly come true. Finland awaits, and I’ll be landing Monday morning, look […]

Upside Down

If I could tell you the whole truth, you would wonder how one keeps going under such pressures. I’m about to leave for Finland, with a few edits still up in the air, bags unpacked, apartment in disarray, laundry undone. This is sort of normal for me, this whole last minute thing. What I’m looking forward […]

Here we are

                                Lopetin kirjoittamisen kaikkein sisimmästäni sekä syvimmistä tunteistani kun tajusin, että ehkä on parasta pitää ne omana tietonaan, eikä minun tarvitse niitä jakaa muiden kanssa. Ei myöskään ole välttämätöntä kääntää sydäntäni ylösalaisin ihan viikottain ja syöttää ilon tai murusia rakkaille lukijoilleni! Nyt pitkän tauon jälkeen sain uuden […]